Latest Music - The Sea Grave

The Band

Chris - Vocals

Interesting Fact - Chris once turned up to the studio wearing pyjamas, flip flops, a Japanese Head band and with no voice due to excessive merry-menting. He is a pathological flirter, even with inanimate objects, and was once caught humping a chair.

Fears : Clothes Pegs

Likes : System of a down, Kyuss, Ozzy, Devin Townsend

Gavin - Guitar

Interesting Fact - Gavin was raised in a Spoon factory in Eastern Europe, where the factory Cat and his wise cracking mouse side kick took pity on him. Gavin is only partially adjusted to normal human society so don't make eye contact and never touch him!

Fears : Becoming allergic to Alcohol

Likes : Black Sabbath, Monster Magnet, Led Zeppelin, Blues and Jazz

Joss - Guitar

Interesting Fact - She once stalked famous comedian Richard Herring and has had a successful solo career in Luxemburg.

Fears - Accidental time travel

Likes - Black Sabbath, Hellacopters, Red Fang, Jucifer

Neil - Drums

Interesting Fact - Neil was once required to give Trevor Brooking emergency CPR at a Fine Cigar Convention in Switzerland. Neil became good friends with the famous sports commentator and they are still in touch to this day.

Fears - Anatidaephobia

Likes - Kyuss, Skatenigs, Monster Magnet, Nine Black Alps

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